Management Solutions

Business Plans


A complete and dynamic Business Plan is always a reference guide for every business activity. It is also the basic "tool" and prerequisite for rising funding, for new business development or existing activities expansion.

The first step for planning successfully existing business activities or developing a new one is the development of a Business Plan, which must provide answers to the following questions:

  • What products or services does the company provide?
  • Which needs does it cover?
  • Who are the potential customers?
  • Why would they buy from the specific company?
  • How will the target-market be approached?
  • Where financing will be found?
  • How will capital be used?

Arcadia Consulting Ltd. has the capabilities and the know-how to develop tailor made Business Plans, which constitute a real "tool" for designing and implementing every business activity by identifying its particular objectives and special requirements.

Business Audit

How does a company assess its performance in relation to competition?
Are existing business policies, strategies and tactics efficient and effective?
Is there potential for improvement and in which business areas?
Would potential structural changes improve the efficiency of company's operations?

When organizations have optimization as an on-going goal, many such questions need to be answered. Answers can be given only when potential for further improvement, low efficiency or problematic core business processes are identified.

Business Audit is the systematic, independent approach of mapping and analysing a company's internal and external environment (Politics, Strategy, Tactics, Goals, Organization Structure, Operations, Procedures, Market, Competition etc.), with a main objective to identify main issues and problems, and the areas where further improvements are required, as well as the development of the reference baseline, on which the action plan for improvement of the company's performance and effectiveness will rely upon.

The audit practices, methodologies and diagnostic tools developed and applied by Arcadia Consulting Ltd. ensure the capability to fully, quickly and effectively identify the actual causes of problems, which did not allow optimized performance and the target areas for improvement, ensuring that proposals made and actions taken lead to guaranteed results.

Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

Business activities are well defined groups of specific actions, take place in a structured order, and give a specific result.

Every business activity is a mix of inputs and actions taken, aimed to produce specific outputs, characterized by the flow of materials and the flow of information.

In case where the expected objective is not achieved, the company must re-examine its processes and the way of doing business for achieving its goals, following a disciplined and well structured procedure.

Business Process Reengineering 's main objective is to point out week points, problem areas, no added value activities, especially in the core processes, and propose effective solutions.

Arcadia Consulting Ltd, aggregating long-standing know-how and experience and using modern techniques and "diagnostics tools", offers the most suitable improvements to carefully chosen procedures via studying and analyzing the existing situation (As-Is). Those procedures selected for reengineering are improved through a series of necessary changes, which lead to the "To-Be" situation, usually by changing processes, organizational structure or other interventions.

Total Quality Management (TQM)

In the modern business environment, which is characterized by a high degree of complexity and intensity of competition, success does not depend only on competitive price of products or services alone, but on quality and speed of response to customer's needs (Better - Cheaper - Faster).

Customers' criteria in making their choices are not limited only to selected products or services with the lowest cost, but they search for specific products or services that embody the optimum relation between quality and price.

Every company, in order to survive in the modern business environment, should establish, document, apply, maintain and constantly improve a dynamic Quality Control & Assurance Management System.

Quality Control & Assurance Management System is a framework of well designed procedures and processes necessary for every company, in order to ensure that the products or services produced not only meet certain standards required by its customers, but also meet the standards of the particular society within which the company operates.

The Quality Control & Assurance Management System ensures that design, production, inspection and control of business activities, in all stages are conducted properly, meet the standards , and there is adequate evidence to prove it.

Arcadia Consulting Ltd. having considered the importance of quality and its significance for every modern company or organization, after mapping and analyzing the existing situation designs or redesigns processes and procedures, in order to be fully compatible with the applied Quality Assurance System Standards, strictly tailor made to the client needs, in order to be realistic, efficient, and effective.

Project Management (PM)

A Project is a linked set of complex procedures and activities, which must be completed at a specific cost and within a given time-frame, and results in a deliverable that meets client's requirements, based on specific quantitative and qualitative objectives.

Even though every project is different from another, effective Project Management means:

  • Organizing resources and activities in such a way as to produce specific results
  • Defining and time scheduling of the phases and nodal points of completion of specific activities
  • Specific deliverables upon completion of every phase of the project.

An effective and efficient Project Plan may cover:

  • The required organizational structure for the realization of the project
  • The required resources and means
  • The apportionment of activities in allocated projects, the scheduling of activities, nodal points and deliverables
  • The selection and evaluation of the required human resources
  • The detection, analysis and evaluation of risks, as well as the design of the contingency plans for the minimization of possible unfavorable results
  • The cost estimation
  • The monitoring mechanisms for the project realization progress
  • The control, report and evaluation system that will ensure that the project has been designed properly, in order to achieve the goals a nd will be realized in the scheduled timeframe and with the given budget.

The competitive advantage of Arcadia Consulting Ltd is the ability and the experience it possesses in projects management, regardless of their complexity and magnitude, not limited to the development of any Project Plan, but to its execution.

Customer Service

Customer service should be a top priority strategic objective, in every organization. Companies, in all sectors, must develop well defined customer service standards and systems to monitor and examine and measure expected customer satisfaction.

An effective customer service system must be based on parameters concerning company's attitude towards customers, taking into consideration issues before purchasing, details related to the process of purchase-sale transaction and definitely issues regarding after sales product support.

Considering the above, well defined customer service levels are mandatory and must be measured in each of the aforementioned stages. Management must decide which level best serves its interests and fulfill the requirements of every specific group of customers.

Customer service objectives must be realistic, feasible and measurable, facilitating logistics procedures efficiency and effectiveness, and making the company capable to evaluate the results.

Arcadia Consulting Ltd, due to the existing high degree of specialization in Management, Operations and Engineering, is a valuable partner in designing and implementing Customer Service Systems that ensure a high degree of customer satisfaction, aiming to strengthen a company's position in the market and consequently optimize its financial results.


The degree of change in modern business environment is accelerating. The rapid changes in technology, the increase of customer demands, globalization and pressure for continuous improvement of financial performance constitute the barriers to overcome during the design and implementation of business activities, which should each constitute a competitive advantage for the operations of the company.

To overcome the above barriers, companies in recent years have increased their interest in assigning part of their operations activities to third parties (Outsourcing).

Arcadia Consulting Ltd, recognizing the fact that outsourcing should not only be a solution of necessity, but an action leading to competitive advantage through operational excellence, continuously monitors and analyses the market, based on specialized methodologies, assisting companies to make the right decision for outsourcing, in a manner that creates strategic benefits and enhances competitive advantages.