Operations Solutions

Distribution & Transportation

The natural void between the various Supply Chain nodes is filled by transportation and distribution, one of the oldest business activities. Transportation and distribution systems are responsible for the flow of materials from the points of origin to the points of use or consumption, which may be customers, production units, storage facilities etc.

Modern organizations must undertake a series of varying complex decisions, in order to develop a competitive and cost effective transportation and distribution system, which fulfils always the basic principle of Logistics science: "distribute the right product (quantity, quality) to the right place and time.

Companies in order to have available a transportation/distribution system working as a "support tool" for their business objectives, should:

  • Know where their products will be transported or distributed (metropolitan areas, small provincial cities, distribution centers, industrial parks, ports, airports etc. in national, European or global level)
  • Know the characteristics of the products to be transported (quantity, packaging unit, fragility, handling requirements, etc.)
  • Know time schedules
  • Be able to design alternative transportation scenarios (road, rail, sea, air, intermodal transport)
  • Know the availability of transportation modes required (type, number, transportation capacity, etc.)
  • Have the ability to schedule the project
  • Obtain the appropriate IT system for operations' administration, control and evaluation
  • Be able to make decisions concerning whether transportation and distribution activities will remain in house or outsourced


Arcadia Consulting, utilizing the experience acquired from providing for a number of years specialized consulting services regarding planning, development and realization of Distribution Requirements Plans, as well as the planning and implementation of the Distribution Plan for the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games, as member of the Logistics 04 Consortium, offers realistic and effective solutions concerning Transportation and Distribution processes and activities.

Materials Management

The efficient and effective administration and control of materials inventory stored or in movement along the Supply Chain was, and will continue to be, probably the most crucial logistics activity in every type of business. Best practices and methodologies used by companies that have achieved this goal, constitute industry references and case studies for the academic community.

The key objective for every organization is to improve customer service levels with minimum possible inventories in stock.

A well organized inventory administration and control system must be able to determine quickly and with the utmost possible accuracy and precision:

  • The way of associating inventories with demand
  • For which materials and what quantities will the stock be reserved
  • In what ways will inventory be controlled
  • How will the cost of inventory be kept at the lowest possible level

etc .

In order to achieve the above business objective, an Inventory Control System, supported by the appropriate IT "tools", capable to answer the questions arising in a speedy and precise manner, taking into consideration company's size and demand characteristics, is required.

Arcadia’s Consulting Ltd. team possesses the necessary academic background, professional experience, know-how, ability and methodologies, to analyze the demand as it is manifested across the supply chain, to plan the most appropriate system of Inventory Administration and Control, to customize computer systems which will support it, and create an integrated, flexible and efficient system.


Warehousing has expanded through the years from a small element in logistics, as one of the most important business sectors, an inseparable part of every Logistics System.

Optimum warehousing development, operation and administration are high priority topics in top management's agenda of every business that strives to succeed in its marketplace.

Decisions of site location, building types, facility layout, Material Handling & Storage Equipments (MH&SE), Information Technologies, Organizations Scheme etc, are critical for every business management that understands the strategic role of warehousing in the logistics process.

Arcadia Consulting Ltd. having as philosophy to provide high level consulting services, based on the principles of logistics science, identifies that warehousing can create comparative advantages for firms that invest on this specific sector, and it has the capability, under a specific methodology, to contribute effectively its customers in their effort to make the proper decisions.

Arcadia Consulting Turn Key Solution methodology especially in warehousing is not limited only in consulting during the phases of Warehousing Systems Design, but is expanded also in providing full scale technical assistance during implementation & operation phases.


Efficient procurement results in effective management of the company's financial resources, since:

  • Over 50% of every business' revenues are spent for resources acquisition (raw materials, services, equipment, sub-contracting, cooperation with specialists etc.)
  • Over 75% of the quality problems are due to the bad quality of all types of acquired materials
  • A 5% decrease in the cost of materials is equal to an increase of sales of more than 50%.

Based on the above facts, it is imperative that every firm must possess a procurement system, which:

  • Includes suppliers' evaluation sub-system capable to choose reliable suppliers
  • Has the capability to compare alternative solutions, based on parameters such as price, quality, services provided etc.
  • M ake s proper procurement decisions at the right time
  • Allows buyers to know all procurement terms and conditions in detail and be able to negotiate and sign contracts and agreements which fulfil the company's strategic objectives.

Arcadia’s Consulting Ltd. team possesses the required academic background, necessary professional experience, know-how, capability and the methodologies to combine demand, as it is manifested across the supply chain with inventory management policy, in order to design the most appropriate Procurement Management System, as well as to customize computer systems which will support it, and create an integrated, flexible and efficient system.

IT Systems Design

In every Supply Chain diagram there are two (2) basic flows: the flow of material and the flow of information. Effective flow of material means efficient management of company's resources. This becomes feasible when the related information flow along the Supply Chain is available and used effectively. It would not be an overstatement to recognize that companies which possess competitive IT systems possess also competitive advantages, cost effectiveness and high level of customer services.

The selection and installation of an IT system has similar requirements with the selection and installation of a production line or an entire production plant. This may be undertaken successfully, and the system will operate effectively within the specific business environment when:

  • Business strategy and goals are well defined
  • Processes that will be supported are analyzed in depth
  • Software and hardware specifications are fully defined
  • The appropriate IT system will be acquired, customized and installed
  • There are procedures to measure and evaluate the results and the added value of the system and take corrective action when necessary.

IT systems installation is successful only in the businesses where processes are fully adjusted before installation, in order to fit in optimized business procedures.

Arcadia Consulting Ltd, having in-depth knowledge of the supply chain processes and procedures, has the capability and the know-how to provide consulting services to companies planning to install a new IT system, or other related information technologies, or companies who wish to improve their existing system, which will have as a result to acquire and install systems capable to process in real time and correctly the necessary information along the supply chain.

Human Capital

People: Managing Your Most Important Asset
Harvard Business Review/ Special Issue

Through time the only factor with unlimited added value in business operations is the human factor. Successful business operations are characterized by work effectiveness that is achieved through the delivery of specialized people skills that adapt successfully to changing requirements in a continuously and rapidly changing business environment.

The requirement put upon a company's staffing process is very simple and at the same time very onerous: " The right people to the right position".

HR Managers are trying to identify the right people, analyzing their typical qualifications, e.g. education, experience, age etc, or they are trying to detect personal skills, e.g. adaptable personality, managerial ability, team working, etc. that cover the needs of any specific position.

Arcadia Consulting Ltd, acknowledging the unique importance of the human factor for successful business activities in the field of logistics, bearing in mind the levels of hierarchy levels, the tasks that must be accomplished and the personality of each specific individual, has the capability to provide assistance in the following HR areas:

  • Analysis of the company's business activities, operations and procedures
  • Organizational structure Design or Reengineering
  • Job analysis
  • Job Descriptions & Job Specifications
  • HR evaluation system development
  • Existing HR evaluation to determine the suitability of every individual
  • Personnel Recruiting System development
  • Career and Professional Development Planning , aiming to the constant adjustment and personnel development, based on the needs and the changing conditions
  • Development of a " motivation" system.
  • Training Programmes Development.